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Vermilion County Pheasants Forever

Vermilion County Chapter 199

Est. 1980

Welcome to the Internet home of the Vermilion County Chapter 199 of Pheasants Forever, established in 1980 and located in East Central Illinois.

You can easily navigate through this site to learn more about your Chapter, upcoming events, National Pheasants Forever news, and important conservation issues. Please encourage others to visit our site.

Whether you are a conservationist, educator, deer hunter, turkey hunter, pheasant hunter, mentor of youth, or simply just enjoy a walk in the outdoors, Pheasants Forever is for you.

Vermilion County, with all its parks and natural beauty, is truly blessed. We all owe it to ourselves, our kids and grandkids to protect and improve this natural beauty and fertile land.

We invite you to join and be an active member of our Chapter to ensure that those who come after us can enjoy the wonderful lands of Vermilion County. 

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If you have pictures and/or stories of Vermilion County PF members doing good things
in our county, please contact one of the commitee members.
and we will add them to this website.

   2013 Major Banquet Sponsors

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     Meet the committee of your Vermilion County Chapter 199 of Pheasants Forever:


Mike Hannan, Treasurer
Cell: 217-497-2484



Scott Reed, Secretary / Youth
Cell: 217-497-7333


Natalie Diveley

Natalie Diveley

Troy Winland, President
Cell: 217-799-7804


Ami Sprague,
Howard Vincent, CEO of Pheasants Forever,
Troy Winland, President of Verm. Co. PF 
Natalie Diveley
Scott Reed 


Ami Sprague



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Vermilion County Pheasants Forever
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